• Columbia College Chicago (“CCC”) 2012 Graduate

Bachelor of Music – Music Composition, 3.6 GPA, 5 year program.

  • Semester in LA, Columbia College, Summer 2011

Intensive film scoring study at Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles, CA.


  • Logic Pro, Pro Tools,  Sibelius, Abelton Live, QLab and Microsoft Office.
  • Sight-reading, aural skills and improvisation.
  • Score preparation, transcribing, arranging, orchestration, conducting and screen reading.
  • Organization, cataloging and data entry.

Music Composition

Current Projects:

  • Writing collaboration with local pop rock-country band Terry Got Fired.
  • Songs currently in production for Chicago-based bluegrass group The Greenleaf Band.
  • Experimental composition project named IO, collaboration with fellow composer, Laura Garvin.
  • Freelance string writing/arranging for various Chicago clients.

Live Theatre Music:  

  • Music for the play “Point & Shoot", for Cold Basement Dramatics, Fall 2014.
    • Music for the play “Marisol”, for CCC Theatre Department, Spring 2013.
    • Music for the play “Mr. Marmalade”, for Dream Sequence Theatre Productions, Summer 2013.

    Filmography as Composer:

    •  “Nature Sounding”, music for short film created by JB Shiess, premiered by the Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Feb 2013.
    •  Battle scene from “Pancho Villa”, for studio orchestra, CCC Semester in LA recorded at Capitol Records, Summer 2011.    

    Original Compositions:

    •   “Traversing the Upward Road” for string quartet, performed for ‘Pressure-Voltage’ CCC thesis recital, 2012.
    •   “Tangent”, duet for electric guitar + violin w/effects pedal, performed for ‘Pressure-Voltage’ CCC thesis recital, 2012.
    •   “Overflow” for solo violin w/effects pedal, performed for ‘Pressure-Voltage’ CCC thesis recital, 2012.


    • “Carol of the Bells" band arrangement for Bone Whiskey Christmas shows at Shark City/Cubby Bear, Winter 2013.
    • "Half Acre by Hem, transcribed for Jackie Kaleta’s Senior Thesis Recital at CCC.
    •  “Water Runs Dry” by Boyz II Men, transcribed for CCC Mens’ Choir, 2012.
    •   “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles, transcribed for CCC Pop String Ensemble, 2012.

    Studied composition with: Marcos Balter, Ilya Levinson, Tiffany Sevilla, Kenn Kumpf, Doug Lofstrom, Mark Watters, and Andy Hill.


    Skilled violinist in a diversity of musical styles.


    • Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Concertmaster (2012-2013), violinist since 2008.
    • Lake Shore Symphony Orchestra, violinist since winter 2013.
    • Suburban Cowboys, (local country cover band), fiddle player & lead female vocalist, since summer 2014.
    • Trippin' Billies, (Dave Matthews cover band), fiddle player, since winter 2016.
    • Leonum (americana/rock band), violinist & vocalist, since summer 2013.
    • The Greenleaf Band (folk/bluegrass band), violinist & vocalist, since summer 2013.
    • Chicago Street Strings (versatile, classically trained musicians), violinist, since 2011.
    • Kill Devil Hills (songwriter/folk acoustic group), jammin' since fall 2016.
    • Jin & Tonic (fiddle player & vocalist), since spring 2016.
    • Jennifer Fletcher Band (fiddle player), since winter 2016.
    • Freelance solo violinist, (weddings, social events, etc.) since 2007.


    • Star Gate Music Productions (violinist), winter 2017.
    • Bone Whiskey (steam-punk country music band), violinist and back-up vocalist, summer 2012 - summer 2014. 
    • Heartland Star (country cover band), violinist and lead female vocalist, since winter 2013.
    • City Lights Orchestra, violinist, 2012 - 2014.
    • The Neopolitones Trio (pop and classical string music), 1st violinist, 2010 - 2012.
    • Voltaic String Project (unique popular/classical music arrangements), violinist, summer 2012.
    • Performed with local Chicago bands: Matt Kelly Band, Cobalt and the Hired Guns, Ayanami, Cold Blue Kid, and State and Madison and more.

    Classically-trained violinist from 1998 to present, studied with Diane Delin, David Yonan, David Katz and Edgar Gabriel.


    • Comma Music (violin recording for commercials), since 2015.
    • Darin Helton - singer/songwriter/guitar player (record violin/vocals on his original music), since 2014.
    • Leonum (recorded violin/harmony vocals on the latest album "Moments"), summer 2014.
    • Recorded for artists Edward HamelSam Trump, Matt Jones, Manny Garcia, Left Hand Signal, The Erratics, and more.


    • Marketing/Social Media Specialist for Leonum (January 2014 - July 2016).
    • Social Media Specialist for Hedroom Productions (August 2015 - March 2016).

    Professional Affiliations

    • BMI
    • The Society of Composers & Lyricists

                                                      References available upon request.