• On Hannah's music for POINT AND SHOOT - Theatrical Production - Nov 2014

"Hannah K. Watson’s lovely music... Her work deserves a rich, intriguing-sounding adjective (maybe erstwhile?) to complement its uncanny, atmospheric quality. Her melodies snake like distorted tributaries through the air, sometimes forming pools and sometimes pouring downhill. She subtly voices Point and Shoot’s melancholy tone."

-Kyle Whalen, Chicago Stage Standard (full article)


"Overall, both Hannah and Kelsee are talented musicians, and were extremely conscientious, agreeable, and very pleasant to work with. Their exceptional musical skills, their dedication, their hard work, and their cheerful and enthusiastic attitude greatly enhanced our daughter's wedding. It was truly a pleasure to work with them, and I highly recommend them for future employment."

-Phyllis Nutkis (mother of the bride)

"It is an absolute pleasure to make music with Hannah Watson. Her breadth of musicianship stretches from classical to jazz and blues, and even to folk and pop. I have performed with Hannah in multiple orchestras. Her dedication to both the music and the players around her is palpable. She is a clear asset to any organization to which she belongs!!!"

-Michael John Ferry (concertmaster of CMSO)
  • Commenting on Hannah's general performance level

“If a door is opened for Hannah, then she will make a grand entrance. Cognoscenti will be pleased with her poise, performance and promise. Hannah is the embodiment of Great Expectations.”

-David Schmidt (friend)