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Have Lessons with Hannah! Hannah offers In-person weekly lessons or online lessons.

For beginners I recommend in person lessons. For those wanting to learn unconventionally (by ear or 

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a Chicago-based fiddler, vocalist, performer, recording artist and violin teacher. 


I earned my degree in Music Composition and Violin Performance from Columbia College of Chicago in 2012. I have since been performing professionally for 15+ years earning tons of experience both performing on stage and recording in the studio. I was classically trained in my youth but quickly gained knowledge in a plethora of other styles including expertise in country/fiddle, classical, improvisation, and film music. Being fluent in a wide range of genres, I believe I am able to offer students a well-rounded and wider scope of playing skills and an engaging variety of music, which also allows me to make lessons more personalized. 


I believe students learn best with a healthy mix of 3 main ingredients involved in any lesson:

1. Foundational Skills - scales, exercises, violin basics.

2. Fundamental Elements - violin hold/posture, music theory.

3. Fun Creative Expression - learning specific repertoire, ear training, improvisation, etc. 

While maintaining these 3 building blocks, I do my best to adapt to each student's individual interests and unique learning habits while keeping every lesson interesting and personalized. 


I am the ideal teacher for beginner/intermediate children [age range 8 -20] or beginner/intermediate adults.


I look forward to meeting passionate and enthusiastic students ready to ROCK, learn and explore!