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***I am currently FULLY BOOKED and no longer taking any more students at this time.
1. I teach at the Des Plaines School of Music on Tuesdays. You can call the front desk to see if there are any openings in my schedule.
2. I occasionally give Zoom Lessons. If you're looking for a one-off lesson, or a series of lessons no more than 4 total, this can be arranged. Contact me to discuss more details.
Thank you for your interest!
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My qualifications AS A TEACHER are as follows:

I earned my degree in Music Composition and Violin Performance from Columbia College of Chicago in 2012. I have since been performing professionally for 15+ years earning tons of experience both performing on stage and recording in the studio. I do not have a formal teaching degree but I am confident that I have more than enough experience 'in the field' and have acquired the right tools to provide satisfactory lessons to any type of student. I was classically trained in my youth but quickly gained knowledge in a plethora of other styles including expertise in country/fiddle, classical, improvisation, and film music. Being fluent in a wide range of genres, I believe I am able to offer students a well-rounded and wider scope of playing skills and an engaging variety of music, which also allows me to make lessons more personalized. 


I believe students learn best with a healthy mix of 3 main ingredients involved in every lesson:

  1. Foundational Skills - scales, exercises, violin basics.

  2. Fundamental Elements - violin hold/posture, music theory.

  3. Fun Creative Expression - learning specific repertoire, ear training, improvisation, etc. 

While maintaining these 3 building blocks, I do my best to adapt to each student's individual interests and unique learning habits while keeping every lesson interesting and well-rounded. 

I am the ideal teacher for beginner/intermediate/advanced children [age range 8 -20] or beginner/intermediate adults.

TYPES OF LESSONS that I offer:

  1. At Your Home - I will travel to your home to give a violin lesson.

  2. At My Studio - You will travel to my studio to receive a violin lesson.

  3. Online Lessons - I am equipped to teach lessons on all video chatting platforms.


  • 30 Minute Lessons ---

    • Your Home $32

    • My Studio - $28

  • 45 Minute Lessons ---

    • Your Home​ - $45

    • My Studio - $40

  • 60 Minute Lessons ---

    • Your Home​ - $60

    • My Studio - $55


Rates are subject to change based on travel length, if applicable.


In order to be a student of mine, I will expect the following --- 

  • Practice at least once a week, but preferably 3 times a week. For 1/2 hour lessons, that would be three 1/2 hour practice sessions per week, for example. Young and beginner students can start out practicing once per week and can work up to 3 times per week over time. The more often you practice, the quicker you will progress.

  • Students younger than 10 years of age should be accompanied by an adult during their lesson AND when practicing at home. Most children this young are unable to hold themselves accountable for the discipline of practicing. Parents should be familiar with what their child is learning and should be able to help coach and facilitate at-home practice sessions. This helps you to get the most out of the lessons and teaches your child regular habits of practicing.

  •  I expect that students show up to their lesson time no less than 5 minutes early. This allows time for transition between lessons as well as set-up and tuning before the lesson.

  • I request that students make payments at the beginning of each lesson. Typically, students will pay per lesson, however, this can be flexible. Alternate payment schedules can be worked out if previously discussed and agreed upon. 


I look forward to meeting passionate and enthusiastic students ready to ROCK, learn and explore!

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