Half Acre - Hem - Small Ensemble

Sheet music arrangement for small ensemble, "Half Acre" by Hem available as a zip file download. 


Includes 2 PDF versions of the score:

-viola substitute for violin II

-violin II substitute for viola


+ all part PDFs:

-Clarinet in Bb



-Banjo (or guitar)

-Violin 1

-Violin 2 (or Viola substitute)




+ 1 mp3 MIDI audio file.

Duration roughly 3:22.


If any of the following is desired:

-change of key

-change of instrumentation

-instrumentation additions or subtractions

-other alterations


Please contact me directly with your request(s).

Half Acre - Hem - Small Ensemble

  • **Copyright Statement** The sale of this transcribed-by-ear sheet music document is not intended to infringe upon any copyright laws in any way. This transcription/arrangement was heard and written down from my ears alone and at the discretion of my sole interpretation of the song as an arrangement, to be played live, as a "cover" of the original song. The original content of this song is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s).

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