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Traversing the Upward Road - String Quartet

"Traversing the Upward Road" - an original string quartet composition of 4 miniature movements. Perfect for an advanced group of young musicians.


The writing of this composition was inspired by a road trip across the country.
I. DESIRING - the anticipation of the journey to come, excitement and longing for the great things life has to offer.

II. TRAVELING - representation of the energetic car ride taken across the country from Chicago to Los Angeles.

III. AWAKENING - a profound personal moment of realization while wading in the ocean waters at Santa Monica beach.

IV. FREE - acceptance of a newfound realization and perspective while moving forward with even more positivity than before.


Includes full score and all 4 individual part PDF's + 1 mp3 live performance audio file.

Duration roughly 10 minutes in total.


Listen to a live performance of the full quartet HERE.


If any of the following is desired:

-change of key

-change of instrumentation

-instrumentation additions or subtractions

-other alterations


Please contact me directly with your request(s).

Traversing the Upward Road - String Quartet

  • **Copyright Statement** The sale of this original sheet music document is not intended to infringe upon any copyright laws in any way. This original music is mine and mine alone and was written by me only. The original content of this song is the copyrighted property of its respective owner, which is myself.

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